Psychiatric psychotherapeutic group practice Rütistrasse
Rütistr. 2
5400 Baden

lic. phil. Michel Berner
Psychotherapist FSP
Tel: 056 204 91 01

Dr. phil. Henry Hunziker
Psychoanalysist and Psychotherapist FSP
Tel: 056 222 11 40
Mobile Phone: 076 388 68 68

lic. phil. Silke Lengler
Tel: 056 544 17 60

Dr. med. Ilona Maier
Doctor Psychiatrie and Psychotherapie
Tel.: 056 544 53 03 (ab 1.2.2023)
Mobile Phone: 077 509 30 90

Dr. med. Thomas Moehlecke
FMH Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Tel.: 056 221 82 10

Where to find us:

Our practice is located near to the train station easily to be reached by train, bus or car: You can find us on the right side on the first floor at the “Gstuehl" building, at the beginning of Rütistrasse.

There are some parking areas at the parking lot of Gartenstrasse and Coop as well as at the parking of the "Gstuehl" building (the last one could be found behind the Rütistrasse on the left side).